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DTN CATTLE PRICES/TRENDS               01/21 08:15

KANSAS     .    .             .              .             .
NEBRASKA   .    .             .              .             .
TEXAS      .    .             .              .             .
COLORADO   .    .             .              .             .
IOWA       .    .             .              .             .
                               *PRIVATE SOURCES     
DTN COMMENTS: The country is quiet this morning with the bulk of business 
essentially done for the week. Having said that, trade volume totals look 
rather light so a little clean up here and there is not out of the question 
today. Asking prices for cattle left on showlists are around $138 in the 
South, and $220 in the North. Beef cutouts are expected to be higher with 
light to moderate box movement.

So far this week, Northern dressed deals have been marked at mostly $218, 
fully steady with last week's weighted averages, a good many of these cattle 
are set for delivery the weeks of January 31st or February 7th. Southern live 
transactions have been at mostly $137, $1 to $1.50 higher than last week's 
weighted averages.

NOTE:  Feedlots are encouraged to call DTN with any cattle sales, at
1-800-369-7675, ext. 3678. All sales will be listed anonymously and 
organized by state. All live sales are FOB and set for 1-9 day delivery. 
General trends and summaries from this data will also be posted on the Daily 
Sales Reported to DTN page.

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